Sunday, February 15, 2009

Comments, Please....

Here I sit, at work, talking to yet another person who has read my blog, but did not comment. She says that she did not have "anything" that she is experimenting with, and I thought, that's odd. So, we talked about it. And, what I found is that when it comes to the self, many are unaware of what they think. Many of my friends have told me, on more than one ocassion, that they have read the blogs, wanted to think about their responses and then were going to return and post.
My response is, JUST DO IT. Unlike school, this is NOT a test. I say that with all the encouragement that I can muster. After all, it did take me months (perhaps years) to finally start blogging. There was always one reason or another, but, I can assure you, it was never because I didn't have anything to say & I know that there are plenty of you (my friends) out there that have things to say. Especially because I have had life-changing conversation, debates & discussions with most of you, to prove it.
I am always looking for feedback. If you guys are not responding because the subject matter is boring. Then, let me know. If you are not responding to protect your anonymity....sign on, post a comment as anonymous. Or, last but not least, personally e-mail your responses to and I will post them to the blog. However, please just help me to continue this endeavor.


  1. I would have to say that since I've never blogged before (even though I've read a few) this is new to me. I actually had to reread your email to recall you had a blog set up & pull it up again & this time, actually post a comment so you could see that even though this is not something that I'm used to doing, for the sake of your efforts to get this going, I would comment. Right now what I'm experimenting with is how many times do you patch up a car before you toss in the towel & buy a new one??? Thank goodness, the motor is fine (FOR NOW) & it gets me going where I need to go okay, but it seems a new problem presents itself weekly so what am I to do?? In this recession, I'm actually scared to go out & get a new car loan so for now, my choice, my experiment is to keep on bandaging up the car until I absolutely run out of bandages.

    Posted by Sweetpea

  2. Hey, stop talking about me! (just kidding) Was that conversation really 2 months ago?

    I think that sometimes it is uncomfortable to have to ask yourself the tough questions, let alone listen to the answers and/or write about it. It takes some courage to truly get to know oneself on a deeper, more honest level. And then to share those thoughts with the public takes even more strength.

    Have a great day!