Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quit Smoking....Words from a non smoker....

Today I had a couple that came to me to discuss "Smoking Cessation". They both have been long-time smokers with multiple attempts to quit and no success. Now, due to health issues, they both NEED to quit. When I meet people who are trying to quit, usually the first question they ask is "do you smoke"? The answer is NO. I have never smoked. So, as a matter of course, the next thought (sometimes spoken aloud) is well, how can you teach me how to quit. and the answer is quite simple: Clarity.
Over 3 million people quit smoking every year. And yes, this is a difficult undertaking and some people return to smoking over the lifespan. However, what we believe about smoking is what keeps us smoking. So, I would like to take some time in this Blog to provide CLARITY.
There are two components to smoking...and usually the people that cannot or don't quit are the people that simply try to treat one component without addressing the other. The two areas are the need for nicotine (physiological affects) and the other area is behavior (which is the psychological affects). Simply put Smoking is NOT JUST a HABIT. Smoking is a LIFESTYLE. So, in turn, QUITTING is NOT an event. Rather, it is a PROCESS. It takes many steps, more than just one, to get to QUIT.
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