Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Data Continued

Okay. Today was definitely one of those "what the H E Double Hockey sticks" kinda days. It started with two school projects that were due today for my daughter's first grade class. Then, I had to get Valentine's Day treats and a we had to create a Valentine's Day Mailbox for her to collect all the treats that she would receive from classmates. Needless to say that we were awake way too long for a first grader and she had much trouble shaking the sleep off of her this morning. Then, she missed the school bus. I had to take her, which made me late for work. And...all the while, I was experimenting with "what is the next best thing"....question and I got an answer. I ran out of gas. I had to call work and tell them that I would be a lot later than I had anticipated. I was NOT happy to say the least. I was wondering, does this question garner a different result than the former question? I will continue the experiment. I was not satisfied with the data, or maybe it was a null set. Not enough info to make a formidable conclusion. Let's go with that answer.

When I got to work, I saw one of my favorite colleagues. He didn't look so good and responded with confirmation that it was not a good day. At the end of the day, I saw him again and he felt the same as he did this morning and it was a full eight hours later. So, keeping in line with this experiment, I suggested that he ask himself this question regarding the hindrances of his day. And trust, I learned this from someone else, but felt it was appropriate for this post. It is the 10-10-10 RULE. If you are worrying about something and feel that no answer is readily available for your dilemma, ask yourself the following questions: Will this matter 10 minutes from now, will it matter 10 months from now and will it matter 10 years from now? If you can ask these questions and you still feel burdened by the answers. You need a life coach or a counselor and I am both. Give me a call. I will be glad to assist. Please free to follow my blog, add it to your MySpace Page or simply post a comment, participation is welcome.

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