Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Long Haul

Okay, it has been 12 days since the lenten season has gotten underway. And I have spoken to many of my friends about this period of sacrifice. Some think it's trivial, some think it's routine and religious, and others just do what they are told. Okay, well I feel that this period of dedication and sacrifice will glean great fruit. Having said that, you may only reap what you sew. So, if you give up chocolate, cheese or soda, ask yourself: what do I hope to gain from my burden-bearing sacrifice? This is where the revelation begins.
First, let me share what I have chosen to sacrifice for lent. Initially, I decided that I would give up cursing, speaking negatively and arguing. These are all vices for me. However, giving these things up will only be accomplished by staying in close proximity with God. So, while I am trading my vice, I am increasing my commune with God. I am depending on him to direct my path and to assist me with placing my flesh under subjection. 
The first thing I noticed during this process is that these vices are not only habits, but a REAL part of my lifestyle. They were so imbedded in my life that they were permeating every facet of my being. Okay, what am I talking about? Well, I can recall when I felt crazy cursing in certain places, losing my temper at the wrong time or arguing with the wrong person. And now, I just feel like it is who I am and what I do, or at least that is the way I was behaving. So, now I think before I curse at work or lose my temper. I consider who might be watching and how that might affect others. After all, this is our first connect to God. People see other people that say they are Christians long before they see God. So, now I am more focused on how I represent God, more than I focus on simply being me. 

Think about it. Comment.