Saturday, February 7, 2009

Collecting Data

Okay. Since I am new at this.....I shall continue to trudge ahead. I have collected much data. And, well, it has been difficult to face the facts when I really didn't like the process of going through the experiment. As I said in a previous post, we experiment with lots of things. If I purchase a new product, say for instance, the scrubbing bubbles, for my toilet. That's a new gadget that I thought would be quite spiffy. If it could really keep my toilet clean for a month and I had to do very little. I'd try it. And I did try it. Results: let's just say.....that data was discarded. Back to managing the cleaning of my toilet the old fashioned way.

So, I kept thinking and was looking for some area that was a little less superficial and somewhat more meaningful. And, I found that one of the most difficult areas of experimentation is anything that is abstract, but more specifically, spirituality, or as some like to say, faith. I am not sure if this is challenging because you cannot touch it or because you usually don't get immediate results. And, when you do get results, you might not readily understand them as a response/outcome from the intangible thing that is involved in the experiment. Or is it that we think spirit only manifests "good" and when the intangible results are not good, we abandon the experiment. Whichever way we think of this, we may still get a result whether we consider ourselves faithful or just not interested in this type of experimentation.

My experience with people, has taught me that this type of abstract gathering happens constantly among those that recognize their spirituality and amongst those that fail to acknowledge this idea at all. But anyhoo, we'll get back to that.....just something to start the ball rolling. How does an experiment with the non-tangible manifest? Of course, by asking a question? After all, that is what an experiment is....a question for which someone seeks an answer.

Say for instance, what ancestry recognizes as Murphy's Law. If you think it will happen, it will. And we usually activate this law when things are going really, really, bad for us. And, we do it out loud, whether we have an audience or not (think about that for a minute). When you have an unexpected flat tire, you're already late for work and anything else that could go wrong, has gone wrong. You then say, "what next, what else could go wrong today? and CA BOOM, you get the answer.

We never really realize that this is an actual experiement with the non-tangible. And, because the universe is alive. It participates in the experience and answers the question. What else could happen, that will mess up my day? So, let's redirect the question. Try this experiment and post your data here. When you are having a screwy day and you are just fed up....or just plain dog tired of a situation, try asking: What is the next BEST thing that could happen under these circumstances, in this situation? I hope you will participate.

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