Thursday, February 5, 2009


I was teaching a class the other day, and stumbled across a simple and profound truth, experience comes from an experiment. And as humans, we experiment with lots of things. The most common, well known experimantation is with "drugs". And, because I specialize in the treatment of addictions, I discuss this topic a lot. Yet, I began to think, we experiment with many other things as well. We experiment with emotions, people, personal hygiene products and so on and so forth. However, unlike research, most humans don't keep a collection of their data and results. Which often leads to multiple trials and errors regarding the same experiment, which leads to insanity. So, I want to discuss it.

What experiments have you tried and what does the data suggest?

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  1. I think people experiment more than they think. I know I experiement with the food I eat, taking different directions to get to a location, restaurants, clothing, etc. Every experiment doesn't turn out the best, but you never know until you try. I think the more you experiment, the more you learn about yourself...what you like and what you don't like. The main thing is that you have to learn from your experiences so you can move forward.